AUR50116-Diploma of Automotive Management

National Code


CRICOS Course Code



70 weeks of delivery (including holiday breaks)

Total Course Fees

$AU 22,000

Tuition Fees

$AU 20,700

Non-Tuition Fee

$AU 1,300

Mode of study

Face to face theory learning in classroom on campus and practical training at IIT’s Automotive Workshop* with access to a simulated environment. *Automotive workshop is located on campus - 13 Tarkin Court, Bell Park, Victoria 3215, Australia).

Delivery location

13 Tarkin Court, Bell Park, Victoria 3215, Australia

Volume of learning

1200 hours

Please Note: Students are required to attend a minimum 20 scheduled course contact hours per week.

Course Description

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who undertake leadership and management roles in the automotive industry. It is suitable for entry into senior management roles in all sectors of the automotive industry.

Course Structure

To achieve this qualification, student must complete following 12 unit of competencies.

  • 6 core unit, plus
  • 6 elective units
Unit of Competency Core/Electives/Pre-requisite

Unit code

Unit Title

Core/ Elective

Pre-requisites required


Manage environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace




Manage complex customer issues in an automotive workplace




Contribute to planning and implementing business improvement in an automotive workplace




Manage budgets and financial plans




Manage people performance




Ensure a safe workplace




Manage personal work priorities and professional development




Develop teams and individuals




Manage quality customer service




Support the recruitment, selection, and induction of staff




Manage Meetings




Manage business risk



This will be delivered over 70 weeks including holiday breaks. Students are required to attend a minimum 20 scheduled course contact hours per week.

Entry Requirements

Age requirements

Students must be above 18 years of age while filling up the application form.

Pre-training Review

The Pre-Training Review (PTR) will be conducted prior to the enrolment into your course of studies to ensure that the training and assessment provided by IIT is able to meet the student’s individual needs. Students are required to fill up the PTR form submits it along with the application form.

IIT will review the student’s current competencies, student needs, English level, support requirements and oral communication skills, to enrol them in the most appropriate course to achieve their intended outcomes.

English Language Requirements for International students.

International students applying for this course either off-shore or on-shore will require either a minimum IELTS test score of 5.5 or equivalent for direct entry into a VET course.

or IELTS score of 5.0 or equivalent with an ELICOS course (up to 10 weeks) to be taken before the main VET course.

or IELTS score of 4.5 or equivalent with an ELICOS course (up to 20 weeks) to be taken before the main VET course.

or Oxford Placement test with score 61 or higher.

Note: Results older than two years are not acceptable.

Refer to Enrolment Kit available on IIT’s website for additional information.

Academic Requirements

To enter this course delivered at IIT, applicants must have completed AUR40216-Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis qualification or be able to demonstrate equivalent competency.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy test (LLN)

Students undertaking this course must possess sound Numeracy skills since it requires them to do calculations, prepare customer quotations etc. To determine this, students wanting to study at IIT are required to undertake LLN test prior to the commencement of the course.  Based on the test outcome, students may be identified as requiring internal support and/or external support.

LLN test will be conducted on campus by using an ACSF mapped online LLN assessment tool - LLN Robot under the supervision of qualified LLN Trainer/Assessor. Students are required to undertake a language, literacy, and numeracy test (LLN) according to the following qualification:

AUR50116-Diploma of Automotive Management ACSFperformance Level 4

Computer literacy requirements

Students enrolling into this course must have basic computer skills to operate the automotive software like CDX, doing research, learners are required to comment on their computer literacy skills during pre-training review.

Learners those who do not possess basic computing skills will be provided with basic computer using support. Students may contact IIT for any further information or assistance on 1300 651 348.

Materials and Equipment Required

Institute will provide access to computers/laptops with required resources during classroom hours however to work on assignments and tasks for self-study all leaners are expected to have access to a laptop or computer with the Windows 7 operating system or higher. Students must have an active email address for communication and be contactable by phone (mobile or landline) and by mail (postal address). All leaners are expected to have access to MS office application such as Microsoft Word, an email platform.

Student undertaking this course at IIT must ensure that they have safety boots, workshop uniform (workshop overalls), workshop tools and other PPE’s including, apron and protective glasses required for practical sessions at the automotive workshop. Workshop tools will be available at the Automotive workshop located on campus. However, students must arrange their own safety boots, workshop uniform (workshop overalls) and other PPE’s including, apron and protective glasses required as material fees will only include Handouts and printed materials. However, IIT can suggest suppliers. Please contact IIT for further enquiries on 1300 651 348. 

Assessment Methods

All assessments of units of competency will be conducted according to the assessment guidelines and competency standards of the official Training Package for this qualification. Assessment methods includesKnowledge questions/written test, Practical demonstration/Observation in automotive workshop, projects, Case Study/Reports, Project, Observations/Role Plays.


Pathways from the qualification

After achieving AUR50116 - Diploma of Automotive Management, individuals can progress to bachelor’s degree in automotive field at any of the University offering the required courses.

Employment Pathway:

This qualification is intended to prepare new employees or recognise and develop existing workers who are performing management roles in the automotive industry.
Possible job titles include:

  • business manager
  • automotive directorship
  • operations manager
  • sales manager
  • area manager
  • marketing manager
  • retail manager
  • parts manager
  • purchasing manager
  • automotive service manager
  • automotive retail sales manager
  • automotive warehouse manager

Above pathway information is in line with qualification description on National Training Register ( and/or,It is to be noted that IIT doesn’t make any employment outcome claim to the student associated with itscourses.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

IIT recognises qualifications and statements of attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations in Australia and offers all students the option of Recognised Prior Learning and Credit Transfer. For further details, please refer to the Student Handbook or enquire on campus by calling at 1300 651 348 or email us at

Course Information may not be sufficient to make an Enrolment decision. Please refer to the information provided in Enrolment Kit available on the website.